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Surprise Her on the 14th

4th February, 2019


Do you know that most African ladies think of their men as not romantic at all? Is it because these brothers are not really romantic or it is because they just do not know what to do on special occasions. Let’s be realistic, in Africa boys are brought up to protect and provide for their families not to pay attention to their women’s feelings nor the little things that makes her happy. Forgive me guys, this one is in favour of my African Queens and not you.  I saw it best to group these ladies with their standards; it costs to make women happy so, the more you understand your woman, the better you become at pleasing her.

1) Miss Independent (the one that is self dependent)

This lady can almost buy anything that she appreciates for herself so material things hardly impress her, it is not necessary to try your luck with buying gifts unless the gift is of sentimental value or will change her life for example, an engagement ring. However, don’t lose hope because she appreciate the little things that are not monitory like a homemade  candle light dinner, picnic in a natural environment or rather adventurous experiences that you do not do with her often.

TIP; Do not forget to close the day with a romantic gesture like words of appreciation and a rose.


2) The Slay Queen ( The one that loves a lavish lifestyle)

She appreciates monitory gifts, along your conversations she might have mentioned something that she really wants. Getting her that exact thing might not impress her as much as getting her the better version of what she expected will definitely impress for example gadgets (instead of an iPhone 6 you get her an iPhone X), if you are clueless just take her to the shop with shopping voucher so she can pick.

TIP; These gifts are also complimented with an unusual treat like a luncheon or sometime where she can be treated like a queen before presenting the gift for example booking her an appointment at the massage spa.


3) The Lady (The one whose needs you always cater for)

Well I called her ‘The Lady’ because naturally ladies were created to receive and men are naturally providers, think of her a lazy but I say ‘her man is just providing’. This woman appreciates something that is out of the ordinary like a weekend getaway to resort places, to show her that she still matters. 

TIP; Certain gifts like lingerie will be appreciated because you are pushing her out of her comfort zone as well as sending a message that she is appreciated.

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